Helpful Hints

Six ways to show your legs you care.

  1. 1.Avoid long periods of standing or sitting.
    • If you have to stand a lot at work, try to take frequent breaks to sit down. Or, if possible, sit on a stool or chair for part of the day.
    • If you’re going on a long trip where you need to sit down for a long period of time, flex and extend your legs and feet regularly (at least a few times each hour) to keep the blood flowing in your legs.
  2. 2.Wear compression socks or stockings.
    • A wide variety of compression socks and stockings are available, usually at your pharmacy or medical supply store. Ask your doctor which type might be right for you.
    • If you wear compression socks or stockings, remove them at night and wash them regularly.
  3. 3.Exercise regularly.
    • Walking is a great choice because it can help improve the tone of your calf muscles.
    • Swimming and yoga are also beneficial because they are low-impact and use muscles all over the body.
  4. 4.Maintain a healthy weight.
    • Extra weight places additional strain on your joints and muscles. If you are overweight, speak to your doctor about starting a diet and exercise program. Even a small weight loss can make a big difference.
  5. 5.Elevate your legs when sitting or lying down.
    • When you have CVI, your legs don’t pump your blood back up to your heart the way they should. When sitting, increase and promote proper blood flow by elevating your feet to a level that is higher than your heart. When lying in bed, try using pillows to elevate your legs.
  6. 6.Take good care of the skin on your legs and feet.
    • Make sure that your skin is well moisturized so that it doesn’t crack easily.
    • If your skin is itchy, speak to your doctor or pharmacist.
    • Be sure to check your legs regularly for signs of red or broken skin. If your skin is red or broken, contact your doctor right away.